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If you were raised right, you've probably dipped a taralli into Nutella at some point in your life because it's the perfect combination between salty and sweet. For those of you who don't know, a taralli is an Italian breadstick, they can be either hard or soft.

Side Note: Remember those Nutella and breadstick packs you used to eat as a kid? And when you dipped your breadstick you'd skimp on the Nutella because you wanted to make sure you had enough for every breadstick, but in the end you'd be left with too much Nutella. So the next time you ate it, you'd put a lot of Nutella on your breadsticks because you realized you should just live your life and not plan so much ahead, but then you'd RUN OUT OF NUTELLA and be stuck with just the breadsticks.

Allora, I thought of a quick tip of dipping taralli into chocolate and letting it harden so the combination is readily at your finger tips. This is perfect to put out with espresso for your guests.

I took it a step further and dipped SPICEY taralli, because I tried chilli pepper chocolate the other day and it is the strangest thing that is so delicious!

I made these taralli homemade and used Gusto TV's recipe which you can find at the below link, but spoiler alert, these things are so time consuming. Just buy them. I was in the kitchen an entire day and I only made thirty. Sometimes I'm a bad italian girl.

Gusto TV Taralli Recipe:


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