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Pasta Chicken Tetrazzini

Old school Italians like simplicity. To them, nothing will ever beat your basic pasta with tomato sauce because if the ingredients are fresh, it will taste more than just basic. My family alternates between tomato sauce, bolognese sauce, or pasta Agilo e Olio, all dishes I will never get sick of, but I like to shake it up and take on more of a challenge.

I started researching different pasta dishes and came across my girl crush Giada De Laurentiis' Chicken Tetrazzini recipe, named after the Italian opera singer Luisa Tetrazzini. I think that's my new goal in life, to have a pasta dish named after me. There are many variations of this dish, but Chicken Tetrazzini is essentially a baked casserole consisting of any long thin pasta in a cream sauce with chicken and a cheese-y crust on top. Giada's recipe (which you can view at the link below) includes chicken, linguine, peas, mushrooms, onion, and a baked breadcrumb and parmigiano-reggiano crust.

This dish is very heavy, but so delicious, and is a lot more work than the usual pasta dish. It requires a lot of steps and ingredients. If you choose to make this for a special occasion, just pair it with a light appetizer and dessert because it's pretty much two courses combined into one (pasta and meat with vegetables).

In the spring/summer, pair it with a:

- Peeled orange wedge and fennel salad tossed in olive oil, pepper and salt.

- Fresh sorbet or granita for dessert.

In the autumn/winter, pair it with a:

- Parsnip fries for an appetizer.

- A poached pear or baked apple with ice cream to clean the palate.

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