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  • Adelia Rosati

Basket Weave Apple Pie

It's that time of year where it may still be smouldering hot when you leave work, but you need a light jacket in the morning on your drive in. This means we start to prematurely gravitate to things like boots, sweaters and pumpkin spice. I find anything pumpkin flavoured revolting, but when it starts to get crisp in the mornings my heart yearns for apple pie.

I've been obsessed with Lauren Ko lately (@lokokitchen) and her intricate show stopping pie art, and wanted to try something myself. I started with a simple but classic basket weave pattern and I must say it took the look of my pie to another level. I have created a simple diagram below so you can re-create this look on your own at home.

I followed Michael Smith's recipe to make this pie and it is a BUTTERY FANTASY. You can find the recipe at the following link:

When I made the dough I was slightly short the amount of dough I needed to do the weave, so when you make this yourself just add a smidge more ingredients so you have enough. This was actually a very relaxing activity. I put on When Harry Met Sally, poured a glass of wine and had a jolly old basic bitch autumn Sunday ;).

Step 1 - Make the entire pie and leave the top crust for the very last (nothing new when making a pie I guess lol)

Step 2 - Roll out the dough and slice it into approximately 26 strips so there are about 13 strips running vertical and 13 strips running horizontal. This totally depends on how tight you want the weave though.

Step 3 - Lay down all the vertical strips with even spaces between them.

Step 4 - Start to weave the horizontal strips from the middle of the pie. What I did was lift half of each vertical strip, one at a time, as I wove the horizontal strips through.

Along the way you can shift the strips and adjust, dough is easy to work with!

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