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  • Adelia Rosati


I got the idea in my head a few days ago to make a holiday version of a mojito. A mojito usually has fresh summer ingredients but I went through each of them and found their winter opposites. The first ingredient is club soda which I obviously didn't change, but I substituted:

  • The lime juice with tangerine juice.

  • The sweetener (like sugar) with pomegranate juice.

  • The white rum with dark rum - I used Appleton's.

  • The mint with rosemary.

There's something about the taste and smell of tangerine that just screams the holiday season for me. It's probably because my mom used to pack at least three of them in my lunch every day growing up because she was petrified of me getting sick.


Over ice I poured a shot of of Appleton's, the club soda and pomegranate juice to my liking (I prefer it to be more bubbly), I squeezed half a tangerine and added rosemary and pomegranate seeds as a garnish. The drink picked up the rosemary flavour as I was drinking it. The result - very tasty and refreshing!

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