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  • Adelia Rosati


You can light a Yankee Candle, or you can just make one of these, and at least you can eat what makes the house smell so good. I followed a recipe from one of my favourite Instagram accounts - Food 52 (@food52), and it was very successful! It is a long process and requires a lot of butter, but it's all worth it, trust me. To view the recipe, click here.

What I did differently:

  • I didn't use the cardamon, orange zest or almond extract. I baked this for my family who likes simplicity, not too many spices/flavours, so I just stuck to cinnamon and nutmeg.

  • I used a cast iron skillet instead of a bread pan. I wanted to see the result, as I heard food becomes more moist in a cast iron skillet and it picks up flavours from food you've made in it before - in a good way. I was really happy with the result! There was sticky candied cinnamon sugar that cooked all in the bottom of the skillet that you could peel off and it was delicious!

  • I followed the braid technique they describe in the recipe, but instead of keeping it straight in a bread pan, I put one end of the braid in the middle of the cast iron skillet and swirled/wrapped it around. Sticky dough packed with cinnamon sugar oozing out is difficult to maneuver FYI, so you might want to ask for an extra hand.

This recipe makes a pretty big loaf, so if you have a lot left over, make French Toast!

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