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Pumpkin pie is the one pie that I actually have never eaten homemade. This really skewed my judgement on how the consistency is supposed to be and how it's supposed to really taste. The typical store-bought pumpkin pie is sweet and a little dense like the outgoing girl you went to high school with.

I decided to try Anna Olson's recipe because she's a baking queen, and how it came out changed pumpkin pie for me going forward. It was soft, velvety, light and not too sweet. I didn't make my own crust and used the Pillsbury pie crust instead. I know if I took up more counter space in my mom's kitchen while she was making Thanksgiving dinner I would've never heard the end of it.

With the extra dough that I trimmed around the pie pan, I rolled it out and then cut out little leaves for decoration (see below). To view the recipe click the below link:


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