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The first time I tried polenta cake was at one of my favourite restaurants, Locale in King City. It's like a sweet, light, and dreamy Italian cornbread, and an amazing gluten-free dessert.

I wanted to try making a polenta cake myself and found Nigella Lawson's recipe (another girl crush of mine). Her recipe is a Lemon Polenta Cake but I wanted to used a beloved Italian fruit that is in season, the blood orange.

The visually appealing blood orange originated from Spain and Sicily and is essentially a red orange, Mediterraneans obviously have to give it a dramatic name. Visiting these areas you will find that it is the basis of a lot of drinks, marmalades, desserts, etc., like my favourite, Sanpellegrino's Aranciata Rossa.

You can find Nigella's recipe below. Nigella doesn't call for it, but I topped the cake with an ombre of blood orange slices transitioning into regular oranges. If you decide to do this, be very careful the cake doesn't get too moist between the juices of the orange slices and the syrup... because that's what happened to me lol.

Recipe -

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